Barn Venue - weddings, events etc in Chattanooga, TN
South Branch Stables
So many choices for your budget
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Stroll thru our serene property where there are many options.  Surrounded with trees and green pastures bordered with planted corn, sunflowers, vegetable gardens and beautiful cactus all over for beautiful pictures.

Our courteous staff helps with any questions

Liquor is allowed if you obtain a bartender and Liquor Liability Insurance to cover the risk.  We can provide the information.

Once you book your event it is care free from there!!!  

Seasons on the venue!
Watch the wildlife grow up, turkey and deer that call it home
Plenty of outdoor lighting, your celebration will go into the night time with 
great view of the moon or stars!
Spring arrives with the beautiful blooms dogwoods, forsythe bushes, knockout roses, daylillies, daffodils and perennials. 
Cool crisp air and sky!!
Summer here has acres of green plush grass, garden has great crops of vegetables, the cactus bloom, hostas thrive, daylillies never give it up along with our purple secretia. 
Trees green surrounding the venue, always a breeze.
Fall especially the colorful of all!  Surrounded by the trees with many colors. 
Pumpkins, corn stalks, mums, and of course our planted flowers still blooming for a great show!  Putting bows on the corn stalks along with grapevines and fall color flowers on the Gazebo and other buildings 
Winter arrives and on our property there are many options to choose for warmth with our wood burning fireplaces!! 
May have frost on the ground or white snow!!  Book for the winter - no problem
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