Danny and Lynn Bishop
Hi, we want to introduce ourselves.  Family and friends have had weddings and parties on our place and they kept saying "why don't you open your place for the public they would love it."​

So after careful thought we decided to expand our invitation to the public.​​​​

Our place will make you feel like your in the country but just a couple of miles to town.  With great hospitality and serene atmosphere you will be relaxed and not anxious having a wedding.

Danny and I have had a passion for horses all our life, and any possible experience that you could when it comes to having a horse in your life.

Later in life,  after my 2 sons grew up I was able to purchase another horse, which I bought from Danny; which was the first time I ever met him! 

Found the horse of my dreams.  A beautiful/spirited Endurance Arabian named Ceres; didn’t realize in with the purchase deal came along Danny in on the deal.  : - ) 

Almost 16 years now I have accustomed to the deal/arrangement.  To hear from Danny’s story it was the other way around.  Well you know what people say “watch those horse traders”!!!

We should have met each other years ago, and could have started our dream earlier in our life.  Please look thru our web site to get a look into our dream that is in progress.

We both love being around people, horses and the country life.  Had a great time raising money for the community, showing, and teaching 4H.

Wonder why we call the arena “Harold Bailey Arena”?  Danny and Harold Bailey very close friends.  He was a big horse advocate, enjoyed shows immensely.  When Danny and I were sitting down one day after a hard day working on the arena, he said “You know; Harolette (which was Harold’s nickname) would be here everyday if he was still alive.”  “He would love this”.  Right then and there we decided to name it "Harold Bailey Arena". 

Danny and I hope to meet you some day, please come and enjoy the fun.

About Us
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We want to share our place so you will have the most unique wedding day ever, you will never forget it.  Our barn is set up with a dance floor and decorated all through with lights with unique western and country decorations.
9316 Birchwood Pike
Harrison, TN  37341